The Cannabis Lifecycle

graphic by @sarahdayarts

graphic by @sarahdayarts


Such a small tiny seedling can grow into a miracle plant to save the world. The dormant seed is patient, waiting for water to bring it to life. After that first sip the seed sprouts its first roots and begins to shoot up to the sky. 

THe female plant will create hundreds to thousands of new seeds each cycle, to spread and continue the growth of the plant.

The seed of hemp plants is high in protein and can be an amazing addition to your pantry. 


We all start small, dormant, waiting for the inspiration of the world to guide our growth into something magical. Once you get a taste, do not stop fighting and stretching towards greatness. 


AS my seed shoots high, OUR roots bury Deeper into the earth. THe more I grow, the further out my roots will spread, soaking in as much nutrients as i can. my roots tangle and deepen into the earth, securing my place. 

i am the backbone of the cannabis plant, i will remain strong and regrow all of my plant should i lose it.

When my roots are given plenty of space to spread, you can see the early signs of my health in the flower. A healthy ph balanced soil and a regular watering cycle should be enough to keep me happy. 



Reach deep into the ground, give yourself a solid base. Don't let the elements blow you over so easily. Take what the earth has to offer you. Never apologize for taking up space, this world belongs to you just as much as anyone else. 
graphic by @sarahdayarts

graphic by @sarahdayarts

graphic by @sarahdayarts

graphic by @sarahdayarts


MY first leaves sprout out, determined to soak in the sun and solidify my space in earth. The more sunlight I soak in the more flowers i create, as they get larger and taller.

My flowers grow bright green, hughes of purple, and sprinkled with orange hairs. 

use my flowers in a juice or smoothie for the nutrients and non-psychoactive effects of THCA, CBDA and more cannibinoids.


Take up space, grow as you do. Be resilient and live beautifully. You are capable of something bigger than yourself.