Microdosing: Not Your Highschool "Pot Brownie"

We all know the feeling- a fun afternoon with friends gone ary after eating too much of a homemade medicated cookie or brownie. The first time I baked with cannabis I didn't even consider the dosing, I followed the word-of-mouth passed down from older siblings for generations: grinding up a whole bunch of bud mixed with butter and leaving it on low heat until it turned green-ish. The results ranged from feeling nothing at all, to the nightmare which scares away plenty of users. The results of which could be nausea, paranoia, even ending up sick and in bed. Luckily it all ends with time, and there is no such thing as an 'overdose of cannabis'.

For the adult-use user all edibles must be micro-dosed. This means that the maximum amount of THC in an edible is 100mg THC per package, but it must be broken down into clear 10mg portions.

In the areas where cannabis is regulated most edibles came with clear doses all of which were still very high and left most users with the option to nibble off a corner and hope for the best. The early days of medicinal cannabis in California patients could buy a brownie with an average dose of 100mg, but also had the options for items such as the Korova Black Bar which contained 1000mg of THC! The market belonged to the classic 'stoner' who was looking to get really, really high; but not necessarily to those needing room to explore.

As of January 2018 in California we have adult-use (or recreational) consumption laws, meaning you can still find those heavy hitters on the shelves of medical dispensaries; but for the adult-use user all edibles must be micro-dosed. This means that the maximum amount of THC in an edible is 100mg THC per package, but it must be broken down into clear 10mg portions. Companies are finding a fresh market with these low-dose options by dropping to 10mg, 5mg and even single milligram options per serving! Another fresh twist is by utilizing CBD in the edible to add a 'safety net' of an anti-anxiety and mellowing the high slighty and with a 1:1 ration between THC and CBD a great pain management option easily compareable to taking an advil. 

This change for me, was monumental. Edibles are an easy, on-the-go option that come with a longer timed high. Once you find that perfect dosage for what you need, an edible (while taking about an hour to kick in) will last in your system for 6-8 hours. Most cannabis consultants advice a 5-10mg edible for a new user looking for a giggle filled afternoon. Even taking advantage of something like Kiva's Petra Mints (2.5mg per mint) are enough to take the edge off of stressful afternoon without leaving you stoned or spacey. I've even discarded the sleeping pills in my medicine cabinet and replaced them with a 10mg Indica (think body high and relaxing) chocolate. 





Now, how do you find what's right for you, or even a loved one looking for a positive experience with cannabis? Let's start with the dosage, while every body is different and some are more sensitive to others: if you're excited and ready for fun a 10mg should be good for you, but someone feeling more anxious and looking for the mellow experience could go with 5mg. If you're like us, and hoping to share and educate the people in your life who are a little more against it, a tiny 2.5mg piece could be enough to elevate their moods without overwhelming them. Now what do you choose? A Sativa (cerebral, goofy highs) dominant edible is perfect for a day out and about but can also increase paranoia. Indica (body, relaxing highs) are great for a good night sleep, or just a cozy evening in watching movies - watch out for the munchies here though! Sticking with a Hybrid (50/50 Sativa and Indica) edible gives you the best of both worlds for when you just can't decide. Some edibles even contain CBD, the non-psychoactive cannibinoid which is a natural anti-anxiety, anti-inflamatory, mood elevating option. 

Now that you know you'll be safe munching on a medicated treat, what is there to try? There truly are options for every aspect, and everyone in your life.



Some of my favorite go-to's are...

  •  10mg Indica (relaxing, body high) edible to replace the sleeping pills in your medicinal cabinet

Edibles take approx an hour to kick in depending on your metabolism, what youve eaten ahead of time, and the ingredients contained in it.

Now we have microdosing that contain both THC and CBD

You can still find higher dose options by buying oils and making your own

Elizabeth Trautman