Cannabis for Cramps

How Cannabis Changes During PMS

Everyone experiences 'that time of the month' differently; for some it's cramps, others its cravings, and of course mood swings. One of my favorite coping mechinisms is cannabis, from smoking a joint to munching on edibles: but not everyone wants to be high for a week straight. 

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about her cannabis use. Her situation was that she smokes the same strain, maybe a toke or two every few days, just to take the edge off and because she loves the giggly and uplifting effects it has on her (she compared it to taking a bubble bath: a treat for special occasions!) She then began to notice that when she medicated during menstration the cannabis didn't have the same effects and that's when she wanted it the most! The strain took on more of an anxious feel, and definitely didnt help with her cramps.

Every body is differnet, and reacts differently to what you put into it especially with hormone levels changing. During PMS explore different strains and terpenes, especially those high in CBD or leaning Indica THC. The high CBD options- whether it's edibles, bud or a tincture- are perfect when you need a calming effect, taking the edge off of a stressful day without leaving you in a haze. An indica leaning THC would be more helpful when you need pain management and to relax your body during cramps.

Some products, like Garden Society's Bliss Blossoms (one of my favorites) combine a chocolate, 10mg of CBD and 10mg of Indica dominant THC, will provide the best of both worlds. Whoopi & Maya (a company started by Whoopi Goldberg) has products specifically for PMS and Menopause ranging from tinctures, raw cacao, balms and our favorite: epsom salt bath soaks.

Remember, cannabis isn't a prescription medicine and what works for someone may not be perfect for you. Start experimenting, and don't be afraid to keep mixing it up until you find what's best for you.

Take that tincture, soak in the CBD, light a joint. Relax. 

Elizabeth Trautman